Back in School with Scooter

I hope you are as excited to be back in school as I am! There are lots of things you can do this school year to help Spare The Air, including:

  • Bring a refillable water bottle to school every day instead of a disposable one.
  • BottlesRecycle your papers, plastics and cans.


  • Reuse your backpack from last year.
  • Backpacks_v1Bring your lunch in reusable containers.


  • Ride a bike, skateboard, scooter (my favorite) or walk to school.


  • Ride the school bus or share a ride to school with a friend.


Helping Spare The Air is important for our health and environment. When you’re a kid, your lungs are still developing, and breathing air pollution can really damage them.

Have a grown-up download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app on their phone so they can receive notifications when the air quality is poor, and help you avoid the harmful effects of air pollution.

Tell your teachers what you have learned from Scooter’s World and share some awesome Spare The Air games and activities with them by clicking here:


Scooter’s Tips for Staying Cool While Conserving Water

Hi friends!
September is here, but it can still be pretty hot outside. While you might be thinking about turning on the hose and having a water fight in the backyard, I want to remind you that it’s very important to conserve water this summer, as we’re still in a drought. I still want you to have a super awesome time while you play, so here are some of my favorite ways to beat the heat while conserving water!

Go see a movie: Popcorn, cold drinks and an air conditioned theater. Just make sure to carpool on your way over there. My movie suggestions include: “Nine Lives”, “Pete’s Dragon” and “The Secret Life of Pets.”

• Read a book: Some of my suggestions are:

o The Cat in the Hat
o Clifford the Big Red Dog
o Where the Sidewalk Ends
o The Big Friendly Giant
o Holes
o Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

• Plant trees: Plant trees around your home that provide lots of shade. Not only will a tree cool down your house by blocking the sun, but it will filter air pollution from the air.


Scooter and Dinger participating in the Sacramento River Cat’s “Break a Bat, Plant a Tree” event
  • Indoor activities: Plan fun, indoor activities such as board games, treasure hunts or hide and seek. Save outdoor activities for the evening when it’s not as hot. Can you guess which activity is my favorite?


If you have some favorite summer activities that beat the heat while conserving water, email them to me at I’d love to read them!

Your pal,


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