Earth Day

Hi Friends!

Earth Day is special because we get to celebrate our beautiful planet. We also get to learn new ways to do all the things we love to do, but in ways that help reduce air pollution. I often talk about going green and how we can accomplish that. Today, I’m sharing my five “Rs” that will help you make “green” choices too:

1. Reduce: You can help reduce air pollution by carpooling to school. Or, bike or walk. Not only will you help reduce air pollution, but biking or walking to school is a great way to get some exercise!








2. Re-use: If you’re done with a toy, don’t throw it away. Instead, donate it or pass it along to a friend or sibling. When we share, we help reduce air pollution because fewer things need to be made and delivered. You can also re-use things like water bottles and lunch boxes, so that you don’t have to throw away as much garbage.








3. Repair: If you can, try to fix something instead of buying a new one in its place. You’ll save money and help Spare The Air because you won’t have to drive a car to go buy the new item.









4. Re-purpose: When we re-purpose items, we save our money plus we get to do something fun, creative and new with things we’d otherwise throw away. For example, you can turn an old paper plate into an animal mask or an old book into a shelf on your wall.

Re-purposeRe-use (2)









5. Recycle: Always, always, ALWAYS recycle when you can. Recycling is the number one way we can help protect our planet.

Recycle Crop






I hope you all have a wonderful and “green” Earth Day. Until next time!

Your pal,