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Spare The Air Tips for Summer Vacation

Hi Friends,

School is out and I couldn’t be more excited for you! Summer vacation is the best time of year. You get to have so much fun, see all of your friends and hopefully get to go on a vacation, too!

Despite all of the fun we’re going to have this summer, it’s important to remember we still need to pay attention to air pollution and the Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI is a chart that tells us if we can enjoy the outdoors as usual or if we should consider staying inside because pollution levels could be harmful to our health.

We also want to make sure that when we go on vacation, we are respectful of the air there too, and still practice all of the different ways we can help reduce air pollution. Here are some Spare The Air tips for your summer:

  • Plan indoor activities. Whether you’re hanging out at home, or headed out of town for vacation, it’s always a good idea to plan fun, indoor activities to stay healthy and happy when the AQI is forecast to be unhealthy. The possibilities are endless with indoor activities! If you’re on vacation, you could go to a museum, movie or if you’re lucky, even a science center!

  • Use public transportation. Some cities, like New York, Boston and Washington D.C., have awesome subways you can ride to your destinations. Other cities have other fun ways to get around, like cable cars, light rail or double-decker buses. You can also walk, or rent a bike! If you’re going on a vacation this summer, ask your parents if there are any fun ways besides driving to get around the area when you want to explore!

  • Use reusable water bottles. Reusable water bottles are a great way to help the environment. You can fill up your bottle for FREE from the faucet or at a water fountain, so there’s no reason to go buy one at the store.
  • Pack light. Did you know that the more a plane weighs, the more air pollution it produces? While you might think a pair of shoes and a few extra shirts don’t weigh much, if everyone on the plane packed a little less, it would make a huge difference. Let’s make sure to do our part and only pack what we need when we travel this summer vacation!
  • Turn off the lights. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean we can forget some of the most basic ways to Spare The Air. Even if you’re at a big hotel, turn off the lights and electronics when you aren’t using them. When we go on vacation, we still want to be respectful of those who call our vacation destination “home.”

For more air quality information, check out my website, and don’t forget to ask your parents to download the FREE Sacramento Region Air Quality app. They can use the app to check the daily air quality forecast and get current conditions at the air monitoring sites in our region:
You can also check my calendar to see where I will be visiting next.

Until next time!

Your pal,