Scooter’s 4th of July Tips

Hi Friends,

It’s the 4th of July, also known as America’s birthday. If you’re like me, you’ll be celebrating today with a BBQ, lots of swimming, and fireworks. While today is certainly going to be fun, let’s go over a few tips to make sure we still do our part to reduce air pollution – because, after all, it’s our country’s birthday!

Barbecue smart. Don’t use charcoal lighter fluid. It sends a lot of yucky pollutants into the sky. Ask your parents to use an electric or chimney briquette starter or better yet, use a propane grill.








Use liquid sunscreen. Sunscreens that come in lotion form are way better for the air than sprays because they don’t have the chemicals that come out of the bottle when you spray it on. This is true for most spray products. In fact, whenever you have a choice between lotions and sprays for any product, always choose the lotion.








Recycle. Always, always, ALWAYS recycle when you can. Recycling is the number one way we can help protect our planet. When you’re finished with your drink, make sure to recycle it if it’s a bottle or can.










For more air quality information, browse my website, and don’t forget to ask your parents to download the FREE Sacramento Region Air Quality app. For help downloading the app, check out my tutorial videos. You can also check my calendar to see where I’ll be visiting next.

Until next time!

Your pal,