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Gardening Gone Green

Hi Friends,

The temperature is getting hotter and the sun is staying out longer. I love being outside, so this is my favorite time of year. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. Plants help make clean air for us to breathe, so I always like to water my plants and even plant trees whenever I have the chance. Here are some of my favorite gardening tips that will help make sure you are gardening “green” and help Spare The Air in your neighborhood, and around your home!

  • Make your own compost. Instead of buying expensive soil and fertilizer (plant food), make your own at home by using compost. Compost is created by recycling the remaining fruits and vegetables you don’t finish from your meals. For more on how to compost, click here.
  • Use electric instead of gaspowered tools. Using gas-powered lawnmowers or weed-whackers cancels out all the good stuff we’re doing because now we are polluting the air while we do it. Always use electric or hand tools!

Scooter Electric lawn mower

  • Avoid using pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals used to get rid of bugs that harm plants. While that sounds like a good thing, pesticides actually pose a major threat to our health and also contribute to air pollution. If your family must use pesticides, use one that is a water-based solution because it’ll contribute less to smog than an oil-based pesticide.
  • Water smart. When you water your plants, try to be as efficient as possible. Focus on each individual plant and give it a nice soaking around its base. If you water lightly all over the place, the plant will train its roots to stay near the surface of the soil which makes the plant weaker. Plus, more efficient watering means more water conservation, and that helps our planet too!
  • Plant “native” plants. “Native” plants are plants that grow naturally near where we live. They usually need less water and plant food because they’re used to growing well here. Native plants are easy to find, and it means we don’t have to drive far to buy them or their seeds to plant. The less time we have to spend driving around to find plants, the less pollution we put out from our cars, and the more we reduce our carbon footprint!

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