Scooter furry friends

STA Tips for our Furry Friends!

Hi Friends,

Believe it or not, bad air quality affects your pets just as much as it affects you! Animals have smaller, more sensitive lungs than humans do, which actually makes it harder for us animals to breathe than it is for you when air quality is poor. In fact, when the air is really smoggy, especially on Spare The Air days, your pets can feel up to 10 times worse than humans do.

You can help protect your furry friends from air pollution by following these tips:

  • Plan indoor activities
  • Have your parents download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app to check the air quality forecast on a daily basis and receive Spare the Air alerts. This way, you can plan ahead and help protect your pets when the air quality is forecast to be yucky

  • If you are attending an outdoor event, make sure it’s safe for your pet to go with you
  • Never leave your pet in the car – it gets really hot in there, really fast
  • Make sure your pets have lots of water
  • Let your pet play outside in the early morning or late evening, when air quality is better
  • Plan indoor play dates with your pet’s friends

  • Let your pet take a dip in the pool, or use a hose to help them cool off

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Until next time!

Your pal,