Tips to Help Scooter Spare The Air This Summer!

Hi Friends!

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time for sunny pool days, picnics, and riding bikes around your neighborhood with friends.  However, that also means that Spare The Air season is in full swing in the Sacramento region! The warm weather can create higher levels of ozone air pollution, which is also called “smog”, and it can be especially bad in the afternoon and early evening hours. Ask your parents to download the FREE, Sacramento Region Air Quality app so they can check air quality conditions to make sure air quality is good. That will help enjoy your time outside even more!!

If it’s too hot outside for fun in the sun, or it’s smoky outside, here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help YOU stay cool, save energy, and help Spare The Air this summer:








I know it can be hard to stay indoors on a nice sunny day, but when air pollution is high, especially on Spare The Air days, it is best for kids and other people with asthma to stay inside. Let your artistic side out by whipping up an arts and crafts project! Get creative! Invite your friends and family to help you.  That way you can have fun together and stay healthy on a Spare The Air day!








When you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights and any electronics, like your TV, radio, or video games! Saving electricity not only saves your family money, but it helps Spare The Air, too because when you reduce energy use, you reduce emissions outside, which helps reduce air pollution, too!








Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their friends!? Ask your parent if you can carpool with a friend to your next baseball or soccer game, out to the park, or to your friend’s house for a playdate! Going together helps reduce the number of cars on the road which helps air quality, and you get to spend more quality time with your friends, too! Sharing rides is a fun way to Spare The Air!








Instead of going camping outdoors, ask your parents if they can help you make a homemade tent in your living room, and camp out at home instead! Your parents save gas, which helps reduce air pollution outside, and then you get to watch movies and eat all the smores from the comfort of your own home, too!

These are just a few of my favorite Spare The Air tips! For more air quality information and Spare The Air tips please visit, or tell the adults in your family to follow us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also ask your parents to download the FREE Sacramento Region Air Quality app so that you and your family can check the daily air quality forecast anytime you want.

Until next time! Your pal,

– Scooter