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New Scooter Coloring Pages

Hi friends! If you’re looking for something to do over winter break, download my new Check Before You Burn coloring pages. Not only are they lots of fun to color, but they have information about wintertime air pollution! Please have your mom or dad help you print some of these awesome pages, color them and then share them with me on my Facebook page— I’m so excited to see the colorful masterpieces that all of my friends create.


Holiday Scooter Blog Help Reduce air pollution

Holiday Season Tips

Hi friends! I love this time of year and the holidays because I get to spend extra time with my family. I also keep making choices that help reduce air pollution.

Use these five tips this holiday season to help reduce waste and air pollution this winter:

  1. Give the gift of clean air by encouraging your friends and family to drive less. If you’re all going to a holiday party, suggest sharing a ride there!
  2. Make it a “green” holiday season by giving plants as gifts. They are a thoughtful present and they help improve our air quality.
  3. Never burn wrapping paper; it causes unhealthy air and is illegal, too!
  4. Purchase a real Christmas tree from a local farm. A real tree can be collected by your local municipality to be fully recycled. If you have a fake tree, be sure to reuse it year after year!
  5. Shop for gently used items as gifts or create something homemade using recycled materials. You will be giving a unique gift from the heart and helping to reduce air pollution.

And remember: Always remind your mom or dad to check the daily burn status before they burn wood in your fireplace, fire pit or wood stove. If your family lives in Sacramento County, you always have to Check Before You Burn. This helps protect all of us from breathing bad air during the winter. You can see if it’s okay to burn by visiting or asking your parent to download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app.

Have any questions about wood smoke or staying warm in the winter? Email me at!


No Burn Blog

FAQ of the Month: Can my family burn wood in our fireplace?

Hi friends! It’s finally December and that means cold weather is on its way. I love this time of year because I love to sit in front of my gas fireplace. By using a gas fireplace and not burning wood, my doghouse is warm and cozy and I don’t breathe bad air!

Smoke that comes from burning firewood is bad for my health—and it can be bad for you, too, especially if you’re a kid. Your lungs aren’t fully grown yet so you breathe in more air than adults and that means you breathe in more air pollution. Wood smoke contains many of the same chemicals that are in cigarettes and none of them are good for our health. It can cause us to get sick with illnesses that make us cough or hurt our throats and lungs.

There are some safe ways we can stay warm while protecting our health. Blankets, sweatshirts and yummy warm drinks like hot chocolate or apple cider are just a few options! If your family is like mine and loves to use a fireplace, see if you can switch to a gas fireplace instead of using a wood burning fireplace. That way you will still get to enjoy the fire without all that yucky smoke! The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District has a program that gives you money to change out a wood burning fireplace to something cleaner. Visit to find out about it.

If your family lives in Sacramento County, there’s a law called Check Before You Burn that helps protect all of us from breathing bad air in the winter. From November through February, you may not be able to burn wood in your fireplace or use your family’s backyard fire pit on certain days, so ask your mom or dad to check before lighting a fire. (If you have a gas fireplace, you can use it whenever you’d like!) You can see if it’s okay to burn by visiting or asking your parent to download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app.

Have any questions about wood smoke or staying warm in the winter? Email me at!


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Happy Halloween from Scooter

Scooter would like to wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

He has five rules for the spookiest day of the year:

  1. Be safe.
  2. Be smart.
  3. Have fun!
  4. Listen to your parents.
  5. Don’t eat all your candy at once (and let your parents check your candy before you dig in!)

Remember to carpool if you plan on trick-or-treating in a neighborhood that’s not within walking distance of your house!

Happy Halloween Scooter Blog

Eco-Friendly Halloween

Hi friends, it’s me – Scooter the Spare The Air Dog! Don’t you just love the fall season? The warm colors of the trees, the cold crisp air and, of course, Halloween!

I know that when you think of Halloween, you probably think of orange, but I always think green! Many Halloween products can produce a monstrous amount of waste that can haunt our environment way beyond the eerie shadows of Halloween night.

Help Spare The Air and show off your spooky Spare The Air tricks and treats this Halloween with these environmentally friendly tips:

  • Choose an eco-friendly costume made of natural fabrics, rather than a costume that’s made of materials that can’t be recycled.
  • Reuse last year’s costume or donate it so someone else can rock your fairy wings or Dracula cape next year.
  • Get crafty. Decorations are fun to make and are a great way to used recycled materials. Try creating pumpkins made out of used milk cartons. Learn how, here:
  • Save your jack-o-lantern seeds. For a delicious pumpkin seed recipe, click here:
  • Trick-or-treat on foot and bring a flashlight. Walking from house to house will reduce air pollution and give everyone a chance to see your costume.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Bath Scooter blog

DIY Doggie Shampoo

Hi everyone! Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. (I should know…I’m a dog!) Pets need food and treats, clean air to breathe and bubble baths. Most over-the-counter pet shampoos use all kinds of chemicals that are bad for our environment and our air. I like to smell like flowers—not chemicals— so I use a special doggy shampoo that can be made at home.

Next time you give your doggy a bath, use this easy DIY pup shampoo recipe.

Do It Yourself Doggy Shampoo Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup of baby shampoo


Pour ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it up really well, and give your furry best friend a bath.

Let me know how your doggy shampoo turns out by sharing a picture of your family pet on my Facebook or email me at

Wood Smoke Burning Respiratory

Wood Smoke During Summer:

Air quality can be bad during the summer. While we are all doing our part to limit ozone air pollution by carpooling, riding our bikes, turning off lights and planting trees, there’s another air pollution danger that you need to know about:  wood smoke, but its official name is Particulate Matter 2.5.

Whether it’s lighting a campfire to toast marshmallows, or gathering around the backyard fire pit on a cooler summer night, these activities create wood smoke, which contains some of the same harmful things found in cigarette smoke.

Wood smoke particles are very small, so they don’t get filtered by our nose or lungs. Instead, these small particles end up deep inside our lungs where they can stay for months. This can hurt your lungs and even increase your risk for illnesses like pneumonia.

It’s important that you encourage your family not to burn wood on days when the air pollution is bad. Share these tips about how to reduce wood smoke pollution and protect your family’s health:

  • Tell your parents to make sure the chimney gets cleaned
  • Make sure your parents use dry wood when making a fire
  • Try not to inhale any smoke – if you are sitting around a camp fire and the smoke is blowing towards you, move to a different spot
  • If you burn wood in your fireplace at home, consider switching to an electric or gas fireplace
  • Don’t burn garbage or wrapping paper in your fireplace or fire pit
  • Do not leave a fire burning if you are going to bed

Help me reduce wood smoke pollution! I would love to hear tips from you, too!  Send me your ideas at I also like to get out and meet new friends and I might be in your area soon.  Check out “Scooter’s Calendar” on the right side of this page to see where I will be next.

DIY Gummy Popsicle

Hi friends! The beginning of a new school year is such an exciting time and also a big change. We are making new friends and learning new things. We are waking up earlier and getting ready to carpool or walk to school. We are getting home later and running errands with our parents as they link their trips to save time and help Spare The Air.

Saying farewell to summertime is never an easy thing, but with these awesome DIY gummy bear popsicles, you will feel like you’re on summer vacation all year! So finish your homework, and ask a grown up if they are ready to put the “pop” in popsicle.

All you need are: popsicle molds, white grape juice and of course, gummy bears! Follow the easy steps below and enjoy the refreshing taste of summertime anytime you want.

If you’re missing an ingredient, don’t worry – just get creative. I also like using lemonade, fruit snacks and ice trays. Let me know how yours turn out by sharing a picture of your popsicles on my Facebook.

Step 1

Fill your popsicle molds with your juice and gummy bears.








Step 2

Place your popsicles in the freezer until they are frozen solid.









Step 3

Enjoy your sweet gummy creation and make sure to share with your family!


Back to School with Scooter


I hope you are as excited to go back to school as I am! There are lots of things you can do this school year to help Spare The Air, including:

  • Bring a refillable water bottle every day to school 
  • Recycle your paper, plastic, and cans
  • Reuse your backpack from last year
  • Ride a bike, skateboard, scooter (my favorite) or walk to school
  • Ride the school bus or share a ride to school with a neighbor or friend

Helping Spare The Air is important for our health and for our environment. When you’re a kid, your lungs are still developing, and breathing poor air quality can damage them. Have a grown-up download the Sacramento Region Air Quality app on their phone to receive notifications when the air quality is poor and help you avoid the harmful effects of air pollution. Tell your teachers what you have learned from Scooter’s World and share these awesome Spare The Air games and activities with them by clicking here: