Air Pollution Facts: How it Affects Your Pets


Puppy_sweaterHey kids! Believe it or not, bad air quality affects your pets, just as much as it affects you! Animals have smaller, more sensitive lungs than we do, which actually makes it harder for them to breathe than it is for us when air quality is poor. In fact, when the air is really smoggy, especially on Spare The Air days, they can feel up to 10 times worse than we do.

Here are ways you can help protect your furry friends from the harmful effects of air pollution:

  • Avoid taking your pets for a walk on hot afternoons
  • Keep your eye on them. If they are panting after only a few minutes outside, it means it’s too hot! Bring them back inside where it’s nice and cool
  • Leave them at home when your family makes a trip to the grocery store or runs other errands
  • If you are going on a vacation or day trip and want to bring your pets, have your parents check the daily AQI to see if the air is clean enough for them to come along

Protect your pet! Learn more about air pollution and how it affects us on the “All About Air Pollution Page.”