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Holiday Season Tips

Hi friends! I love this time of year and the holidays because I get to spend extra time with my family. I also keep making choices that help reduce air pollution.

Use these five tips this holiday season to help reduce waste and air pollution this winter:

  1. Give the gift of clean air by encouraging your friends and family to drive less. If you’re all going to a holiday party, suggest sharing a ride there!
  2. Make it a “green” holiday season by giving plants as gifts. They are a thoughtful present and they help improve our air quality.
  3. Never burn wrapping paper; it causes unhealthy air and is illegal, too!
  4. Purchase a real Christmas tree from a local farm. A real tree can be collected by your local municipality to be fully recycled. If you have a fake tree, be sure to reuse it year after year!
  5. Shop for gently used items as gifts or create something homemade using recycled materials. You will be giving a unique gift from the heart and helping to reduce air pollution.

And remember: Always remind your mom or dad to check the daily burn status before they burn wood in your fireplace, fire pit or wood stove. If your family lives in Sacramento County, you always have to Check Before You Burnhelps protect all of us from breathing bad air during the winter. You can see if it’s okay to burn by visiting or asking your parent to download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app.

Have any questions about wood smoke or staying warm in the winter? Email me at!