Scooter Lives Life in the Carpool Lane!

Hi friends!

By now you know that when I have places to go, I try to get there without having to ride in a car. Of course, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. When I do have to go somewhere in a car, there is this awesome thing I do called “carpooling.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, that doesn’t mean I ride in the car to the local pool! Carpooling is when a group of people (or animals!) get into just one car to go somewhere, instead of driving a bunch of cars to the same place. For example, if you and your friends all have soccer practice after school, you can carpool to practice by having one of your friends’ parents pick up all of your teammates from school and take you to practice. By all going to practice in one car instead of separate cars, you are helping to reduce air pollution:

  • Less pollution: Carpooling reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, something that benefits all of us.
  • Carpool lane: You are allowed to use the carpool lane on the freeway. Only cars that have two or more people in them are allowed to use it. This is awesome because if there is a lot of traffic, you’re allowed to enter the lane with the least amount of cars, saving you time!








  • Save money: By carpooling, you’ll save money on gas because everyone takes a turn driving.

And the best part…

  • Play time: Carpooling allows you to hang out with your friends while your parents drive you around!








For your parents:

  • Reduce stress: Driving can be stressful and exhausting. Carpooling to work allows you to share driving responsibilities with other commuters, giving you a chance to relax or do work on your ride to and from the office.
  • Meet new people: Carpooling presents the opportunity to make new friends and start new professional relationships.
  • Visit: sacregion511.org for more carpool and rideshare options and tips.

Remember friends, if you can get somewhere without using your car, I highly recommend doing so. If you do have to use your car, try to carpool if you can.

Thank you so much for trying your best to help me reduce air pollution. Every little thing counts, and my job becomes much easier with your help!

Keep up the good work.

Your pal,