The 24th Spare The Air season is here!

Hi Friends,

The 24th Spare The Air season is here.

CLEAN AIR IS UP TO US! Between now and Halloween, we all need to help and do our part to reduce air pollution, especially smog. Together we can Spare The Air and make a big difference!

Air pollution can cause health problems for everyone, but it’s even worse for kids! You see, children just like you are at a greater risk from air pollution because your lungs are still developing and you breathe more rapidly than adults, which increases your exposure.

When air pollution reaches a certain level, a Spare The Air alert is sent out to let people know that air quality is going to be bad, so we can plan ahead. When you hear a Spare The Air alert, try to stay inside and avoid any strenuous outdoor activities, especially those that require a lot of running or those that make you feel really tired.

My friend Sophia and I want to help all of our friends, and share some of our favorite ways to reduce air pollution this Spare The Air season

1. Walk, bike or carpool to school and after school activities








2. Use public transportation, like the bus or train








3. Have your parents download the FREE Sacramento Region Air Quality app










4. Encourage your family to buy locally grown fruits and veggies












For more air quality information, browse my website. You can also check my event calendar to see where I’ll be visiting next.

Remember, clean air is up to us!

Your pal,