Ride in Style this Spare The Air Season!

Hi Friends!

Now that school is out for summer, you might be thinking of all the fun things you want to do with your extra free time. Riding your bike or scooter to get to a friend’s house, the park, or just for fun is a great way to help Spare The Air by reducing the number of car trips you and your family take because cars release harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution. This summer, I encourage you and your friends to decorate your helmets so you can ride in style and have fun while you help me Spare The Air.

Here are some of my tips for decorating the COOLEST helmets your friends and family have ever seen!










Change the Color: Instead of buying a new helmet in a different color, ask a parent to help you paint the one you already have! Pick out your favorite color and paint over your helmet to make it look brand new.

Add Stickers: If you are bored with your old bike helmet and want to make it more your own, try adding fun stickers of all your favorite things! This is an easy way to upgrade your regular helmet to something unique that matches your personality.

Include Decorations: Change your helmet into something no one has ever seen before! Ask your parents if they can assist you with a hot glue gun to add a unicorn horn, superhero goggles, glitter, or even ears on top of your helmet to make your own creation. All your friends will be asking you where you got your helmet from, but it will be your very own one-of-a-kind creation!

I would love to see all the awesome ways you decorate your helmets this summer! Ask your parents to share a picture of you wearing your newly decorated helmet on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag Spare The Air Scooter, or use the hashtag #SpareTheAirScooter!

I hope you all have a “wheelie” fun and safe summer!

Until next time! Your pal,

– Scooter