It’s Back to School Season! Help Spare The Air by Walking, Biking, or Riding a Scooter to School

Hi friends!

The weather is still warm and the end of summer is near, which means it is almost time to head back to school. My favorite way to get to school is by walking, biking, or riding a scooter (go figure!) – it’s a fun way to get around, and it helps Spare The Air by reducing your trips in the car, too!

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Follow these 5 steps to make your rides to school — and everywhere else you want to go — as fun and safe as possible:

  1. Plan Your Route

Think about where you are going and plan your route before you leave. It’s important to remember where your destination is so you don’t get lost! You can plan trips to school, your favorite park, a friend’s house, or to get some ice cream to cool down after a hot day. Make sure to check with an adult before you leave the house and tell them where you are going and how you will get there!

  1. Invite a Friend

The only thing better than going for a walk or riding your bike or scooter on a nice day is having a friend join you! Ask your friends if they want to meet up and walk, bike or scooter to and/or from school together. Plus, going with a buddy can help with safety.

  1. Have a Friendly Bike Competition

Turn a regular route to school into something more fun! Plan obstacle courses in your neighborhood for you and your friends to race, play games, and have a friendly bike or scooter riding competition. Can you imagine a few obstacles on your route?

  1. Make it a Family Outing

Ask your family if you can spend quality time together and go out on a group walk or ride. Traveling with your family to school is a great way to start your day, get some exercise, and maybe even grab an ice cream on your way back home.

  1. Take Time for a Break

After a fun day of being outdoors and walking or riding your bike or scooter, it’s important to rest and take some time to relax. Have you checked out my coloring pages? Print one of my coloring pages and celebrate National Coloring Book Day on August 2nd!










Until next time! Your pal,

– Scooter

This bike activity idea was from Read more about ways kids can stay active while outdoors during the summer months!