AQMD - Scooter Blog - September 2022 FINAL

A New Routine to Keep the Environment Clean

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new school year so far! With new teachers, friends, and in some cases, new schools – it can also be important to create a new routine, too!

The best way to start a new routine is to write down the things you do each day. Things like what time you eat breakfast, brush your teeth, leave for school, do your homework, go to sports practice, or anything notable from your day. I bet you will start to see a pattern from day to day!

Because we all know that protecting the earth is important, I have some ideas for your new routine that will also help reduce air pollution. Having healthy air quality is important, so that we can breathe without damaging our lungs, and so we can help protect the environment. Here are five paw-sitive daily habits that you can build into your new routine to help your family stay safe and healthy, reduce how much your parents pay for things, and protect the environment, too.

  1. Start the morning with fresh fruit for breakfast. In addition to being a nutritious meal, you can enjoy a quick meal that does not involve turning on any kitchen appliances, saving energy and time!
  2. Pack a lunch in a reusable lunch box. Reusable containers help conserve resources and decrease plastic pollution.
  3. Ask a grown-up to check the air quality. Knowing what the air quality will be for the school day lets you know how long you can safely play outside, or if you should find something fun to do inside after school instead, like some of these activities.
  4. Turn off all electronics and lights before leaving home. Unplugging unused devices helps you reduce energy waste, and will help your family save money, too!
  5. Walk, ride a bike or scooter to school. If your school is close to home, ask your parents if you can walk or ride your bike or scooter. When your parents don’t have to drive, it saves them gas and money. When they don’t start their car, that reduces car exhaust, which helps the environment!

I challenge you to start looking at your current routine and try to make a few new changes that can fit into your family’s life, while improving air quality, too. If we all take steps to reduce air pollution, these small actions can add up to make a big impact in the communities we live in!

Until next time!

Your pal,

– Scooter