Make Scooter’s Favorite Holiday Crafts at Home!

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AQMD_CBYB_1080x1080The weather outside may be frightful, but at least I can bundle up inside with my cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and hot cocoa in hand! These are just a few of the ways I stay warm during the winter, without using my fireplace. It’s important to remember that the reason we don’t burn wood in our fireplace isn’t just to protect the environment, but our health as well. Wood smoke is bad for our health because it contains many of the same chemicals that are in wildfire smoke. It’s like a mini wildfire in our home that pollutes inside our home and outside in our neighborhoods, which can make us sick with illnesses that make us cough or hurt our throats and lungs.

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Why Scooter can’t burn wood in his fireplace!

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burn_logo_2014As you know, I love being outside enjoying nature and the fresh, clean air. That being said, between the months of November and February, when it gets really cold, I love to bundle up inside where it’s nice and warm! Sometimes I like to build a cozy fire in my fireplace, but did you know that if you live in Sacramento County you must Check Before You Burn? It’s the law in Sacramento County, including the cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento.

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Scooter’s tips for staying warm while going “green” this winter

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I’m proud of all of you for doing such a good job checking before you burn this season! We still have a little less than two months to go, so keep up the good work.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed it’s been super cold outside, which can make it cold in your house as well and that’s no fun. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying warm without burning wood this winter:

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Coloring Sheet Blog

New Scooter Coloring Pages

Hi friends! If you’re looking for something to do over winter break, download my new Check Before You Burn coloring pages. Not only are they lots of fun to color, but they have information about wintertime air pollution! Please have your mom or dad help you print some of these awesome pages, color them and then share them with me on my Facebook page— I’m so excited to see the colorful masterpieces that all of my friends create.

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